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Mobile grain dryer <br>STELA UNIVERSAL

Mobile grain dryer

drying<br> of grains

of grains

easy <br>installation


mobile<br> machine


STELA UNIVERSAL mobile grain dryers can be easily installed on any farm.
In addition to grain, they are also suitable for drying small seeds.

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Mobile dryers suitable for grain and other cereals

The continuous grain drying process is advantageous for small quantities of material. The mobility of these dryers means, above all, the quick installation of the finished, factory-tested machine and the possibility of moving it to different locations. The STELA UNIVERSAL range offers fully equipped dryers, mounted on a chassis including a switchboard. They have their own intake hopper for filling with a loader and removal to a roller from a height of 10 m. The dryers are designed for drying rapeseed, grain, or corn and can dry continuously or in batches. The UNIVERSAL dryer is often applied as a finished machine by crane to the inside of the post-harvest line and the chassis is returned to the production plant. It is available in outputs of 12, 18, and 25 t/h.

  • easy integration into the post-harvest line without the need for a building permit
  • change of location possible
  • service life over 30 years
  • quick installation
  • integrated filling and discharge conveyor
  • drying of grain and other commodities

Dryer with batch or continuous operation

Filling the dryer with grain via the infeed hopper can be done either by the front loader or conveyor. After filling, either batch or continuous operation is programmed. In batch drying, the grain is circulated in the dryer for a specified time and then discharged. In continuous drying, the grain passes through the shaft continuously and its moisture content is controlled by the rite of passage. The replenishment and discharge of grain are controlled by a programmer, which feeds fresh or dried grain into the conveyor by means of pneumatically operated slides.

The dryer operates under vacuum, hot air is drawn from the heater through the tower into the extraction chamber. The cooling air is mixed with the drying air after passing through the conveyor. UNIVERSAL mobile dryers are equipped as standard with a dust limiter and secondary air dampers for drying small seeds. 

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The compact drying tower of the STELA UNIVERSAL drying plant is equipped with a discharge tub at the bottom, above which there is a pneumatically controlled discharge device and tower elements. Of these, one is cooling and the others are drying. The filling hopper of the dryer is adapted for the passage of a conveyor. Filling and emptying are provided by means of redlers and elevators. There is a conical hot air chamber with a heater at the front and a conical exhaust air chamber with a fan at the other side. The dryer has a fully assembled electrical installation with a control panel, as well as burner and control elements. The UNIVERSAL dryer is connected by joints to the adjacent chassis, into which the whole tower can be folded with the help of hydraulic pistons and then transported.

Power table of stela UNIVERSAL dryers


Type  of dryer Units Efficiency In drying Crop
UNIVERSAL 12 t.h-1 12 from 19% to 15% Grains
UNIVERSAL 18 t.h-1 18 from 19% to 15% Grains
UNIVERSAL  25 t.h-1 25 from 19% to 15% Grains


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