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We provide standard customer service including warranty maintenance for all our products. PFFEUFER technology maintenance and customer service is provided by certified technicians or it is sent directly to the manufacturer.


For STELA dryers, transport technology, cleaners and other machines we offer 'Pre- and Post-season' check-ups, including maintenance of electrical and gas appliances. Such maintenance is provided by certified technicians.

In case of pre-season maintenance, we offer a one-day check-up of STELA dryer, its setting and removal of small defects that can be repaired on site. In case of more serious defects, further steps are consulted with a technician. At the end of the check-up the customer receives a protocol stating current conditions and maintenance recommendation for the following season. 



When ordering a basic maintenance service you will also receive a gas specialist service, at this occasion an annual mandatory gas inspection will be provided. The specialist will check and adjust the setting of the burner and issue a protocol about the inspection. The customer is required to provide a gas supply from the gas supplier for the required testing period. 



We offer this service for the harvest period and it is an immediate solution to problems with STELA dryers. The contract for 24-HOUR SERVICE may be concluded in writing right before the season starts.

This service assures you that any failure of your machine will be solved within 24 hours or, in case of a more serious problem, such steps will be taken to ensure immediate resumption of operation. Large scale defects will be dealt with in the shortest possible time frame, however, in serious cases the resumption of operation may take longer than 24 hours.

With the customer consent, we may organize express transport of the spare parts, even by plane. The customer will cover the costs of transport only, the other expenses incurred are included in the price of the service. Both the transport and the spare parts costs are not charged for dryers under warranty.

A non-stop stand-by duty and a priority of problem solution (the technician focuses primarily on the solution of your problem) is included in the price of the 24-HOUR SERVICE. More than one failure during one season is covered in this priority scheme.

For contract details please contact us via the contact form.



When preparing post-harvest line projects and grain storage halls we rely on experience of our project specialists and engineers. The machinery for post-harvest lines is selected after consultation with the customer. In terms of key machinery parts we rely on first-rate products of foreign manufacturers, while common line accessories are made locally. Careful selection of supplying manufacturers and our long-term cooperation enable us to implement single machine as well as large investment projects.

As far as turnkey projects are concerned, we propose a solution, prepare a project, deliver and assemble the technology, including electrical equipment and automatic control system, launch the line, train the operating staff and launch a test run.

As far as line assembly is concerned, we rely on our assembly and maintenance partner companies.