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TriQ grain quality sorter

  • remove fusarium affected kernels
  • sort according to vitreousness
  • sort according to protein into fractions of high and low protein kernels
  • generate more homogeneous malting barley for optimum malting characteristics

TriQ grain quality sorter

BoMill’s patented grain quality sorting technology, makes it possible to analyze and identify each kernel in a batch of grain and sort them into quality certified fractions. The speed is fully compatible with the needs of industrial grain handling – delivering a sorting capacity from 3 to, at least, 30 metric tons of grain per hour.

The TriQ is suitable for large scale sorting. It´s built with high-quality standard components with well-documented history. The modular design concept ensures high reliability and easy installation to run 24/7 in industrial environments. The TriQ is ideal for millers, malt houses and silos who wants to exploit the full potential of their grain.


• Dimensions (height x width x depth): 1800 x 1200 x 1750 mm,
  5´ 10” 55/64 x 3´ 11”1/4 x 5´8” 57/64
• Weight: approx. 1000 kg
• Number of sorting channels: 96
• Sorting capacity: approx. 3 tons/hour, based on barley and wheat with
  TKW 45 gram
• Number of sorted quality fractions: 3
• Grain / Raw material to be processed: Durum wheat / Soft wheat /
  Barley, fine-cleaned
• Detector: TriQ NIT detector
• Electrical power supply: 3/PEN AC 50 Hz 400V
• Power consumption: 2,5 kW
• Energy consumption: approx. 4 kWh/ton



Bonitační třídička BoMill-TriQ
Bonitační třídička BoMill-TriQ
Bonitační třídička BoMill-TriQ
Bonitační třídička BoMill-TriQ


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