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Analysis of phenolic substances in beer

  • simple operation
  • comprehensive data
  • fast results

TANNOMETER - Analysis of phenolic substances in beer

Analysis of phenolic substances in beer, wort, extracts of malt and hops, wine, fruit juice and vegetable extracts. Nephelometer with thermostatically controlled measurement chamber and dosing unit.

What is measured?

The Tannometer is suitable for testing most clear liquids and those which contain phenols such as beer, wort, extract of brewing barley, malt and hops, grape and apple wine, fruit juices and vegetable extracts.

The comprehensive analysis allows statements regarding good and poor characteristics like sediment formation, colour intensification and taste changes for routine controls.

The operation is menue controlled. The automatic modes support the analysis of tannoid content, protein sensitivity, reducing capacity, chill haze and ammoniumsulfate titration limit.


Function and principle

The Tannometer combines a dosing device, temperature control, magnetic stirrer, turbidimeter, photometer and evaluation computer with plotter.The measurement chamber has a focused light of constant intensity directed through it. The thermostatically controlled sample absorbs and scatters this light. Whilst the first sensor measures this light at a wavelength of 510 nm the second sensor measues scattered light at an angle of 90°.


An automatic mode is chosen. The sample (approx. 4 ml) is put into a glass cuvette in the measurement chamber. The dosing unit injects agents with high precision into the sample. The homogenization of the sample and the agent is carried out by a magnetic stirrer. The sample can be brought to a temperature between -10°C and +60°C in the thermostatically controlled measurement chamber. Haze and transmission light will be measured and shown on the display. 


The micro processor calculates the curves of the parameters and calculates the result. The integrated 4-colour-plotter documents the curves and results. The operation and documentation of the Tannometer can also be carried out by the PC-software TannoLab.? Analysis of beer

The following descriptions concerning the automatic modes relate to the analysis of beer. They are written with the help of Prof. em. Lucien Chapon. There are, however, analogue relations to other solutions.

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