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BT Dryers

  • state-of-the-art construction of belt dryers
  • plastic belt
  • automatic drying and moisture regulation
  • automatic cleaning
  • constructed for capacity of 8,000 hours/year
  • drying with waste heat – water, steam
  • capacity  1 - 50 t/h
  • industrial components
  • high volumes of electricity and biological fuels production

BT Dryer

BT dryers (Band Trockner) are fully equipped and suitable for outdoor installation in industrial plants producing wood pellets. They are available in capacity variations between 1 t/h and 50 t/h.

BT Stela dryer is equipped with a special belt, the unique system of screw conveyors dividing the material on the belt into " a cushion" and a paddle wheel ensuring even drying of the entire material, MultiVent system to ensure optimal distribution of the drying air, sensors to control the constant moisture at the inlet and outlet, and additional safety features to ensure continuous operation with an annual minimum of 8,000 hours suitable for modern pelletizing lines.

Thanks to forty years of specialization in drying and excellence in drying wet sawdust and wood chips Stela dryers are installed in pelletizing lines of companies such as CPM, Salmatec, Buhler and others.





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BT BTL Dryers


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