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VARIO Dryers

  • drying smaller volumes of material
  • drying all kinds of grain
  • self-assembly
  • high equipment versatility
  • batch and continuous flow drying

Product description

VARIO series is constructed for drying smaller volumes of material. It is suitable for large grain material as well as special seeds such as cumin, poppy, buckwheat, millet, coriander and others. The VARIO series is specifically constructed for self-assembly. The dryer parts have such dimensions and weight that one man can easily manipulate them. The entire dryer is thus made up of smaller parts fitted together by bolts. Equipment versatility is enormous as far as electrical parts, measurement and control is concerned, ranging from a very basic cheap equipment to an all-inclusive equipment including an exchanger and a dust separator.

Construction description

It is a shaft dryer of small dimensions. The tower stands on four legs carrying discharge device, shaft modules and a loading tank. Discharge device is a sluice. The hopper sizes are varied. On both sides of the shaft there are chambers and the discharge chamber is connected to an exhaust fan, either at the top for direct discharge or via a corner on the ground. A dust collector, called centro-separator, is fitted to that corner. The intake chamber is connected to the heating generator - either a direct gas heater or an exchanger at a light fuel oil heater.

Function description

VARIO dryers may operate in batch or continuous flow mode. While operating in a continuous flow mode the temperature is regulated by a thermostat and humidity is regulated by a manual set-up of the sluice. 


VARIO models

Type Unit Performance While drying Note
VARIO 3 t.h-1 4,5 from 19% to 15% grain
VARIO 7 t.h-1 12,4 from 19% to 15% grain




Obilní sušička STELA VARIO
Obilní sušička STELA VARIO
Obilní sušička STELA VARIO
Obilní sušička STELA VARIO


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