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Concrete silo in Blovice has undergone a huge reconstruction          

Concrete silo in Blovice has undergone a thorough reconstruction          

The concrete silo in Blovice, which is the second largest grain storage silo in the Czech Republic, has undergone a complete reconstruction in recent years. The construction, which was completed in 1991, reached the end of its service life after thirty years, and so its operator, the State Material Reserves, made a fundamental decision. Between April 2018 and November 2019, the storage technological equipment inside the silo was exchanged gradually, namely under its full operation. Complete new technological equipment was delivered by Pawlica s. r. o. The Pawlica company is a specialist in the field of post-harvest technologies, and this reconstruction worth 140 million crowns was the largest investment project in the company's entire 20-year history.

Now, after extensive reconstruction, the silo in Blovice, the Plzeň region, is the most modern silo in the Czech Republic. This is mainly thanks to the two-year work effort of the employees of Pawlica s. r. o., which undertook this difficult task. The original equipment was obsolete and on the verge of its lifespan, so it was necessary to replace it with a new one. All works lasted a year and a half, and up to 60 assembly workers took part in it at the peak. In addition, the situation was complicated by the fact that the silo had to stay in uninterrupted operation and so there was not any shutdown.

Now, after almost thirty years, silo modernization brought a significant increase in its output. Intake is now almost twice as fast as before. It was increased up to 720 t/hour. In addition to the modernization of the intake, all transport routes were replaced, and also continuous weighing of stored and unloaded material. Three grain cleaners were installed, together with two dryers and new control system and PC monitoring. Also, the noisiness and dustiness of the silo were significantly reduced, while its safety was increased. A new control room was also built. It is now equipped with four large screens, so that the operators keep a good track of what is going on in the silo. Silo control is possible via computer or tablet.

The grain silo in Blovice is the largest of the four state-owned grain silos used for the purposes of the Czech Republic's material reserves. The grain silo is 160m long, 20m wide and 63m high. Its construction began in 1987, but was not completed until 1991. Its capacity is 69,000 tons of grain. 

Reconstruction in numbers:

  • 2 x grain dryer STKX6-07/02, powered by natural gas
  • 2 x grain cleaner Bühler TAS 206A-6, output 200 t/hour, 1 x TAS 154A-4, output 120 t/hour
  • SKANDIA conveyors with output up to 200 t/hour
  • Maximum simultaneous receiving capacity: 720 t/hour 
  • Maximum simultaneous cleaning performance: 520 t/hour (this corresponds to the output of 5 combine harvesters New Holland CR10.90) 
  • Maximum simultaneous drying performance: 50 t/hour
  • Total length and height of all conveyors: 2,385m
  • Total length of horizontal transportation: 1,750m (more than twice the length of Wenceslas Square in Prague)
  • Total height of vertical transportation: 635m (Milešovka mountain has a height of 620 m MSL)
  • The highest vertical conveyor: 62.1 m (the lookout tower on Petřín is only 3.4m higher)
  • The longest conveyor: 39.2m (tennis court is 36m long)
  • Total length of gravity pipeline: 1,130 m
  • Number of flaps: 52
  • Number of spot filters on the conveyors: 62 pcs
  • The longest projection drawing: 3.5m
  • The total length of all papers printed for the project is almost 5km
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