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Our success on Techagro 2018

We are delighted with our success in the Grand Prix Techagro competition    

Techagro, the nation’s biggest agricultural trade fair, ended a few days ago, and so let’s take a brief look back at it. Pawlica s.r.o. attends Techagro on a regular basis and presents some interesting new products every year. This year it introduced visitors to five new products, two of which were entered in the Grand Prix competition and were shortlisted as nominated exhibits. These were radar sensing of goods levels in Siemens silos and a platform for trade in GrainTerminal commodities.

Having been such a success for more than twenty years the TECHAGRO, SILVA REGINA and BIOMASA trade fairs are now seen as prestigious events that are held in a great deal of professional esteem, some of the leading events of their kind in Europe. Pawlica s.r.o. has been participating in these trade fairs for many years now. However, this year was the first time it presented its products and services in a new place, in pavilion A1. Our stand had a newer and more modern design than in previous years and featured more exhibits on display. Visitors to our stand had the chance see products such as the SKANDIA picking chain conveyor for completely cleaning silos, the STELA BiTurbo dryer (which holds a certificate for the lowest gas consumption when drying maize) and the silo manufactured by BROCK, which is famous for offering the largest and strongest models in the world. Another hot new product we presented was the SIEMENS radar sensor for sensing levels of goods in silos. This product, together with the GrainTerminal platform, was entered in the Grand Prix 2018 competition. Both exhibits were successfully shortlisted and were awarded the “Nominated Exhibit” prize by the Brno Exhibition Centre.

Goods levels in silos under control

The Siemens Sitrans LR560 radar provides the silo operator with reliable, fast and continuous data on the level and shape of material in silos from the moment the level first moves, regardless of the shape of the bottom of the silo, so it instantly registers any change, even in silos with a conical hopper. With this type of silo in particular, radar ensures reliable and constant measurement in the bottom part of the cone, including those with a complex internal structure. The output data can then be processed to enable the measurements obtained in real time to be converted to volume or weight of material. The use of multiple radars in one silo enables the shape of the cone of stored or unloaded material to be monitored. This means that any weight loss in the stored material can be tracked, monitored and quantified during storage. The absence of mechanical parts protruding into the silo (exposed to dust or changes in temperature) increases service life, means less maintenance is required and thus saves on servicing costs.

Commodity trading with no intermediaries

The GrainTerminal is an electronic web application to enable producers and processors from the cereal and grain sector to easily link up, and was developed by Pawlica s.r.o. in spring last year. The GrainTerminal may only be used by registered and verified users, who have access to a simple tool for completing secure transactions throughout Central Europe. This application confronts supply with demand, achieving a mutually acceptable sales price and arranging a schedule for the physical transfer of commodities 24/7. The application also systemically processes the secure settlement of the purchase price through deposit accounts. The system is set up for weekly schedules, where the payment is made a week before the goods are physically dispatched. If the goods are supplied as ordered, the funds are released from the deposit accounts within 48 hours of the goods being loaded – ensuring absolute certainty for both parties. The www.grainterminal.cz application is programmed in Czech, Polish, German and English and allows traders to communicate with one another in their own language, and, if an agreement is reached, a Purchase Contract is created, which is bilingual and a legal translation confirms that the two texts are identical.

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