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Agro Animal Show 2018

"AgroSpring 2018" has opened a new agricultural season in Ukraine!

On February 21-23,  three large-scale international exhibitions "Grain Tech Expo", "Agro Animal Show" and "Fruit.Vegetables.Logistics" were held at the International Exhibition Center within the framework of the AgroSpring 2018 event, which caused a real boom among the specialists of the agrarian sector.

The visitors of the agroindustrial exhibition, which is about 20,000 people, were able not only to examine the latest agricultural machinery and equipment but also to engage in discussion of important issues at forums, conferences, seminars and workshops. In the complex, this allowed domestic market operators to found optimal solutions for increasing their business efficiency.

The German company STELA Engineering GmbH, as a manufacturer of grain dryers, together with Czech engineering company Pawlica s.r.o. - the supplier of high-quality grain storage equipment presented a wide range of equipment of European and American production for storage, transportation and processing of grain.

The patented technology of the Biturbo air duct system became an interesting novelty for the visitors of the exhibition from the STELA company.  Dryers STELA Agro Dry with Biturbo technology allow reducing the required amount of hot air by 40%, which in turn reduces the heat energy by 15%.

Nowadays, the ability to save heat carriers and the durability of the operation of this equipment is the main advantage of the company's products in the Ukrainian market for most agricultural producers.