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Special installation in Ukraine

Special installation in Ukraine 

Stationary dryer Stela, type AgroDry MDB-XN 1/18-S

In this model, was used a "combined air purification system» (Combi Air Clean System).

Installation site of dryer: Cherkasy region, Zhashkiv district, Ukraine

Project: drying of agricultural crops

Date: 14.04.2015

In this case of installation, air heating is ensured by the boiler for wood chips and corn cobs 6 MW. 

Capacity of dryer MDB-XN 1/18-S (cleaned, biologically ripe wet product):

Wheat  (bulk weight 780 kg/m3):  from  19% to 15%        approx.        59.500 kg/h

Maize (bulk weight 750 kg/m3):  from 30% to 15%             approx.      22,500 kg / h

Capacity of dryer:   approx. 91.5 tons

Electrical load: approx. 130,00 kW 

All drying plant is blown by means of the axial and radial blowing fans. The content of residual dust in the exhaust air is reduced using pneumatic valves and centro separator to <20 mg / Nm³ (provided that the product passed the pre-cleaning).

Stationary dryer AgroDry  MDB-XN 1/18-S consists of:

  • one column with adjustable number of elements of heating and cooling, and removal of air,
  • two indirect air heaters type SLI 2800 (3256 kW each) with heat generator on wood chips,
  • radial fan with centrifugal dust separator for lower drier elements,
  • axial fan with a pneumatic valve for delaying emission of dust on the upper elements of dryer,
  • command and control systems,
  • ladder outside,
  • the railing on top of loading bunker,
  • ladder inside,
  • platform for control and cleaning inside,
  • fuel supply system.

Loading the dryer carried out by means bucket elevators.  Both elements of the loading bunker  are used for storing grain before entering the drying column.