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With the Minister in Africa

With the Minister of Agriculture in Africa

In early April the Czech Minister of Agriculture Marian Jurečka headed a Czech business delegation to Zambia and Tanzania with the aim of raising awareness of Czech agricultural products in this region. The Minister was accompanied on the trip by entrepreneurs from the Czech agricultural sector. The delegation also included the Managing Director of Pawlica s. r. o., Ing. Petr Pawlica, MBA.

The Minister’s business trips are one means of seeking new markets for Czech products. He was accompanied by leading Czech producers and developers of agricultural machinery, post-harvest, processing and food technology, as well as experts in genetics cattle genetics.

Visits to dairy farms and a trade fair

One of the sites visited by the Czech business delegation whilst in Tanzania was the MilkCom dairy farm. In Zambia Minister Jurečka met his counterpart, Given S. Lubinda, Minister of Fisheries and Livestock Greyford Monde and Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Margaret Mwanakatwe. Minister Jurečka gave a presentation to his Tanzanian colleague on Czech agriculture and the food industry. They discussed areas for possible cooperation in the agriculture and the food industry. To gain a better idea of the Tanzanian and Zambian market, the delegation visited farms, the local branches of potential distributors of Czech produce and possible partner companies. The delegation also attended the AGRItech Expo Zambia trade fair.

Agriculture in Tanzania and Zambia

Agriculture is the most important sector in Tanzania, producing a quarter of the country's GDP, exporting 85 % of the nation’s produce and employing 80 % of the workforce. The government spends 7 % of its budget on developing agriculture. Agrarian exports from the Czech Republic to Tanzania are minimal; during the last five years the only stable export commodity is hops, ranging from 227 thousand to 1 million CZK. In the last five years imports from Tanzania have ranged from 61 to 156 million CZK. The most important and stable imported commodity is tobacco.

In Zambia over 50 % of the populace is dependent on agriculture, which employs 67 % of the workforce. It makes up a mere fifth of GDP and is basically limited to supplying the country’s own needs. Agricultural production is based on livestock farming. In recent years total exports from the Czech Republic have ranged between 25 and 150 million CZKs. Zambia mainly exports industrial machinery, boilers and reactors; imports are negligible. Recently the only exports recorded were of insemination doses of bull semen connected with a project to develop cooperation, and a single export of whey powder. Despite this, agrarian imports to the Czech Republic total less than 1 million CZK.

Pawlica in Africa

According to Ing. Petr Pawlica, Africa has enormous potential in terms of its unused agricultural land. However, the problem is the lack of a qualified local workforce, poor infrastructure and a lack of modern agricultural technology. Pawlica would like to participate in the MoE pilot project to develop storage capacity, which would serve as a model and reference project.

Podnikatelská delegace navštívila v Africe také vybrané farmy
Petr Pawlica se zúčastnil podnikatelské mise do Afriky s ministrem zemědělství Marianem Jurečkou
Ing. Petr Pawlica se na misi setkal i s ministrem zemědělství Tanzanie Givenem S. Lubindou
Na zemědělské veletrhu v Zambii se delegace setkala se zástupci Skandia Elevators
Letecka doprava byla zajistena vladnim specialem A319