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New cooperation


The Swedish company BoMill AB expands into Central Europe together with Pawlica s.r.o.

The grain quality sorting company BoMill AB grows their distributor network by signing an agreement with Pawlica s.r.o. with operations in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Serbia. “With Pawlica as our Distributor in central Europe we will have a strong partner” says Per Söderström, Marketing Director BoMill AB. “Pawlica´s long presence in the grain business and know-how is important for our expansion in Europe.”

Ing. Petr Pawlica, CEO: “Revolution in grain sorting is here! I am really happy that I will be able to offer this really new amazing sorting solution, which can sort grain on quality basis, to my customers.

This sorting solution will ensure, that my customers will be always capable to sell in contract guaranteed quality or buy in lower quality and adjust grain quality in-house. Companies with BoMill sorting solutions will become preferable suppliers for grain buyers from Germany or other EU countries. ROI (return of investment) is what matters today and BoMill technology has great figures here!” 

About BoMill

BoMill AB is a company with profound know-how within quality sorting of wheat, durum wheat and malting barley using single kernel sorting technology. The BoMill head office is in the University town of Lund, Sweden. The company sells quality sorting technology and know-how throughout Europe, North America and Australia, using its own sales organization or distributors.

For more information please visit www.bomill.com 

Delivery of high quality technology and service has always been the main goal of the PAWLICA company. During the past sixteen years we have met a number of manufacturers and suppliers and we have made business only with the best ones from Europe and the USA. PAWLICA trademark has become a symbol of quality and reliable post-harvest lines and storage systems for both the farmers and industrial businesses. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

We currently supply the market with modern technology for grain storage provided by certified foreign partners who offer specialized products of the highest quality.

For more information please visit www.pawlica.eu