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0,922 kWh/kg H2O

0,922 kWh/kg H2O thermal energy needs!

Independent forum DLG has tested properties of corn STELA dryer with new BiTurbo technology. Test of dryer AgroDry ® MDB-XN 2/16-SB was made in the company in the district of Passau, Germany and took place from 14th up to 20th October 2014. The company uses natural gas for heating dryers.  During the test of continuous dryer with BiTurbo technology were found positive results concerning the capacity and specific needs of heat energy for corn drying.

Innovative STELA Biturbo technology

The tested system AgroDry® MDB-XN 2/16-SB is equipped with the innovative STELA Biturbo technology. In this air flow pattern, the drying product in the lower section of the drying system (lower drying section) is combined with blended air consisting of fresh air, which is drawn in and heated using a gas line burner, and preheated supply air from the cooling zones. This blended air is drawn in through two axial fans and then fed into the upper section from the lower drying section.

At this point, heated fresh air is added to the blended air once again. This new blended air is combined with the drying product in the upper drying section. The air for the upper drying section is drawn in by two radial fans and discharged back into the environment after the drying product has flowed through and particulate matter has been removed. 

This air flow pattern aims to use the wet drying product to clean the air in the upper drying section and therefore to reduce dust formation. Furhermore, this technique considerably reduces the amount of air required. The dryer is designed for drying maize and, according to the manufacturer, is suitable for drying all grain crops.

0,922 kWh/kgH2o thermal energy demand

By the use of this energy-efficient air duct technology, a thermal energy demand of 0.922 kWh/kgH2O is achieved. This value is by ca. 15 % below the usual energy consumption values of comparable drying plants without this specific heat recovery. This results in an energy consumption of 216,7 kWthermal, i. e. 20.9 m³ natural gas (heat value 10.35 kWh/m³) for the drying of one ton wet maize with a moisture reduction of 35 % to 15 %.

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