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Our offer of conveyors now includes also grain pump by SØBY 

Our offer of conveyors now includes also grain pump by SØBY 

The SØBY SG grain pump of Danish origin is a chain conveyor for the transport of grain composed of pipelines, inside of which a high-strength chain with synthetic carriers is located. The pump combines horizontal and vertical transport of grain and free-flowing materials in one machine.
The SG6 grain pump replaces traditional transport systems and significantly simplifies the entire project in most cases and also results in considerable savings in the substructure, energy savings and easier maintenance.
This conveyor represents an ideal solution for loading and unloading of silos and floor warehouses. Moreover, one conveyor can be used to transport the commodities between silos. We offer two models: SG60 with the output of 60t/h and SG100 with the output of 100t/h.

Principal parts:

Drive elbow with gear motor and drive cover
Drive with NORD gearbox (chain speed 1.67 m/s)
All elbows are made of 4mm galvanized steel on the SG60 and 5mm on the SG100, and connected by screw connections for easy maintenance
Lower knee with adjustable feet and inspection window
Tension elbow with adjustable feet and tensioner with weight
Chain Type = 81X SG60 / 81XHH SG100
Reverse brake
Sensor of pulley speed


SG60: 60 t/h
SG100: 100 t/h
with dry and clean material (750kg/m³)