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New road weighbridge

Our portfolio was extended by new Pawlica TruckScale  road weighbridge

The PAWLICA TruckScale road weighbridge is designed for precision weighing operations in business class OIML and ČSN EN 45 501 + AC, which is required in agricultural enterprises and commercial companies. The weighbridge consists of three main components.

The base comprises concrete prefabricated parts laid on compacted gravel subsoil and subsequently welded. This solution keeps the building work involved in constructing the weighbridge base to a minimum and greatly speeds up the installation process.

The second part is the weighbridge itself. This consists of a flat reinforced concrete structure that is guaranteed to keep the system highly rigid and stable, and is also resistant to weathering. The 3-metre-wide bridge is supplied in the standard length of 9 m.

The third and most important part of the weighbridge comprises the strain gauge transducers. The PAWLICA TruckScale weighbridge features transducers manufactured in the EU, designed to be hermetically sealed and watertight pursuant to protection class IP68. The transducers meet the requirements of precision class III as stipulated by OIML and ČSN 45501 for commercial weighing operations in the EU.

The most common version of the weighbridge is embedded, flush with the surrounding ground, although drive-in versions are also possible. The usual size for agricultural enterprises is 3 x 18 m, with a weighing range of up to 60 t. This type of weighbridge is fitted with six strain gauge transducers evenly distributed under the weighbridge. The slot all around the perimeter of the weighbridge is filled with a T-shaped rubber cover, which effectively prevents water and impurities from getting into the space under the weighbridge.

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