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A new system of efficient transportation – Grain Pump

A new system of efficient transportation – Grain Pump by the US manufacturer Hutchinson

Grain Pump is a breakthrough system for grain transportation by the US manufacturer Hutchinson. It is an innovative and non-traditional technology for material transportation at the silos, so called cereal transport. It is a highly efficient system with many advantages. This is why we often include it in our projects.

The advantages are gentle transport, high capacity and lower engine power requirements compared to traditional drag conveyors and elevators. The indisputable advantage is also lower wear-and-tear compared to conventional conveying systems. The grain pump is made of galvanized cylindrical tube, inside which there are plastic (polyurethane) paddles attached to a robust steel chain. The pump is designed to be more gentle to the grain and suitable for load-in/load-out conveying system. It is more grain-friendly than a traditional conveying system, in which damage to the grain may occurs when the grain falls from one conveyor to another. This has been proven by a research conducted at the Mendel University in Brno. While testing transportation of wheat, malting barley, rape seed and corn, no damage to the grain has been found. For this technology PAWLICA Ltd. Won the Grand Prix award at the Techagro exhibition.

The grain pump construction is versatile and easy to install. The conveyor is always installed above the ground so there is no need for costly and complicated construction work. Although it is an American technology, it is installed with Czech engines and electrical components in the Czech Republic. Another advantage is its compliance with the EU standards.