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In recent years PAWLICA Ltd. has increasingly developed its international activities. The Czech market is not large, thus we seek to find customers for our technology in other countries. Besides the Slovak Republic, where we have had our representation for a long time, we also extended our business to Poland. Polish farmers are highly interested in high-quality post-harvest technology, and therefore, the company has had a significant success there. Two years ago we opened a new branch in Wroclaw, which is run by the co-owner Ing. Slawomir Zembrzycki. During the first successful season sixteen STELA dryers were installed, including the latest BiTurbo dryer with two-phase air heating,  four GEBR. RUBERG cleaners, and a complete reconstruction of post-harvest line in GR Bojanowo was completed. Currently, other projects for construction of dryers and storage halls with storage bins by BROCK, BIN and MFS have been scheduled.

In 2013, PAWLICA Ltd. entered the Slovenian market. Here, under the brand of STELA Engineering GmbH., which is shared by PAWLICA Ltd.  and STELA LAXHUBER GmbH, we implemented a project for agro-food group Panvita near the city of Maribor. Besides the STELA BiTurbo corn dryer (performance of 50 t/h) we have also delivered the GEBR. RUBERG 200 RUV pre-cleaner and Skandia transport systems. All are explosion-proof, ATEX certified models and have a dust limit of maximum 10 mg/m3. At the same time a refurbishment of existing storage bins have been carried out there. The brand of STELA Engineering GmbH will keep on being part of shared projects with the STELA LAXHUBER GmbH company in eastern Europe.

There are of course other foreign activities of PAWLICA Ltd. Further projects regarding post-harvest lines are to be launched in Serbia, where a new branch was open in 2015. The latest export destination for Pawlica s. r. o. is Ukraine with the office in Kiev and The Baltics.

PAWLICA Ltd. belongs to a group of companies with the highest level of credibility in the Czech Republic. The company has met the strictest criteria of credibility and reliability for the past ten years, and therefore belongs to the exclusive group of 0.2% of Czech companies that are allowed to use the highest AAA certification rating.

Export deliveries to other Member States of the European Union are charged without VAT to persons registered for VAT in another Member State under the reverse charge regime. In case of export funding of deliveries, we discuss possible solutions on an individual basis, regarding the customers financial situation and particular business conditions.