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Sample cleaners MLN/SLN

  • practical use during harvest season
  • fully automatic cleaning - no maintenance.
  • the screens are self cleaning being equipped with the well proven ball cleaning systern.
  • new locking system for sieves secure quick change of sieves.
  • vibration free operation.

Sample cleaner MLN/SLN

We offer model MLN with straw and sand sieve and model SLN3 with additional sorting sieve.

Selection by sample gives an accurate assessment of the total consignment. Selection based on sample makes it possible to accept quality grain or alternatively reject that which does not meet the specified standards at intake.

The sample cleaner is very versatile and can be used on a wide range of products ranging from oil seed rape to maize and beans.


The identification of quality and type of impurities in a consignment and the actual grain size is important when selecting suitable grain for seed, malting barley, intervention etc. A similar standard of cleaning as that on cereals can be achieved on peas, beans and more difficult products such as sunflower seeds etc. A large feed hopper can be supplied to enable the cleaner to be used for the separation of pedigree seed from experimental yields.


MLN model checsk impurities, this model is equipped with deawner, aspiration  and sieves for straw and sand.
SLN model checks impurities and grade
SLN 3  model has one additional grading sieve with ball cleaning system. 
SLN 4 model has two additional grading sieves with ball cleaning system.



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