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  • fills all kinds of paper or plastic bags, plastic or glass bottles
  • choice of required quantity
  • checks for missing bags or bottles

CONTAFIL - seed counter

Count and Fill all seeds from 0,3 mm up to 15 mm. Count and fill a number of seedbags without labour.


Offers continuous fill by immediate removal of filled bags or automatic stop when all the bags on the carousel are full. The semi-automatic filling station is an additional equipment for the seed counter Contador.


Pour selected seed i.e. barley, into the correct feed container, for barley container 2 and place on Contador. Fit bags or bottles to each position on the carousel and secure with the clips. Select on the Contador the required quantity per bag to be filled and press the button to start. The Contador starts and counts the required number into the first bag. Bag change is signalled by a beeptone. For longer runs replace the filled bags with an empty one as soon as it is filled (continuous operation).

For shorter runs a second carousel can be fitted with bags whilst the other is running on the machine. The carousels are changed over when the machine stops after filling the first 10 bags. The optional carousel stand makes this proceeding easier. This ensures minimum stoppage during the filling operation.

Via an electronic sensor the Contador knows automatically if a bag is in position or not and prevents the valuable seeds from being scattered on the floor. By this means it is also possible, for example, to fill only 3 or 5 bags on the filling station if required.

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