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Contador 2 - NEW!

  • Counting speed of up to 5000 grains/min
  • Compact design
  • Compatible with filling station Contafill 2
  • Fully controllable via PC software
  • Removable feed containers for rapeseed and cereals
  • Robust and reliable in operation
  • Counting and filling of small seeds and cereals
  • with five parallel counting channels

CONTADOR 2 - Seed counter

Increase the efficiency of your counting processes.

Field of application

The Contador 2 is a newly developed instrument which is based on the practical experience with the renowned seed counter Contador. The proven handling of the feed containers, the short feeding distance and the high counting precision are now complemented by a considerably higher counting speed. With the traditional Contador it took you approx. 90 s to count 1000 rapeseeds, with the Contador 2 this only takes you 12 s. Feed containers for small seeds (no. 1) or cereals (no. 2) allow a fast and flexible use for different seed types. This concept permits a fast change of samples without having to empty the counting channels.


The feed container is placed onto the Contador 2 and the sample is filled in. The instrument automatically recognizes the container and loads the optimal parameters. After defining the counting quantity, a magnet holds the feed container and a vibrating element causes it to oscillate. A specially developed algorithm ensures an optimal feed rate to guarantee a high counting speed and precision. Counting parameters and feed rate can also be set individually and saved in an individual configuration.

The container is designed for a volume of 250 cm³. This corresponds for example to approx. 35,000 rapeseeds. The version for wheat (270 cm³) has a capacity of approx. 4,500 grains.

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