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  • quick results in less than 40 seconds
  • big sample volume: 600 ml
  • high res. NIR diode array technology
  • more than 1000 single scans per sample
  • coloured 8" LCD touch screen display
  • integrated printer
  • attractive price

GRANOLYSER - NIR Analysis of grain

Made for trade, storage and production. Get all parameters of your sample quickly, precisely and economically.


The Granolyser is a diode array based NIR analyser which is suitable for a wide variety of different grains and seeds, like cereals, oil seeds, legumes or corn. It has a wavelength range from 950 to 1550 nm with a high resolution and therefore provides the best basis for precise and expressive results of parameters like moisture, protein, oil, sedi, gluten.


Fill in the sample, select grain type on the integrated touch screen display and push the start button. The Granolyser starts the transport of the 600 ml sample and measures 1.500 scans. The result of the integrated calibration models is displayed. The user can also print the results. Granolyser has an export file function so that generated files can easily be opened on your office computer (with software like MS Excel).

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