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HS Dryers

  • wood chips drying
  • possibility of drying corn, wheat, pumpkin seeds, rape seeds, and organic products
  • using hot water or thermal heat  exchangers
  • low investment costs
  • long service life
  • high effectiveness
  • max. capacity up to 1,500 kg/h at the inlet
  • tailor-made production

HS Dryer

HS series are special wood chip dryers. They are also suitable for drying corn, wheat and other grain as well as stem plants. The dryers are completely closed and the heat is produced by hot water or thermal heat exchangers situated on the dryer roof. The drying trough is closed and the grain movement on its bottom is performed by carriage with paddle wheel. 

Capacity between 600 kg/h and 3,000 t/h (wood chips 50%-20%).



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