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PBT Dryers

  • Homogeneous initial moisture by constant granulation
  • low-dust, granulated final product
  • self-stabilizing process also with influence of disturbances
  • high safety standard by extensive process monitoring
  • applicability of the most  various energy sources (hot water, natural gas, biogas, steam, exhaust gases, thermal oil)
  • energy efficiency by heat recovery
  • different belt widths for each performance size


With the STELA PBT sewage sludge drier, the most various sludges are dried in a reliable, energysaving and dust-free way to DS contents up to a dry substance of 95 %. The mechanically dewatered sewage sludge is extruded on a purpose-built granulator. Subsequently, the product falls directly onto a perforated conveyor belt and forms a pile with good ventilation. The product is brought into the drier tunnel, where hot air flows through it drying it efficiently. This process avoids mechanical product stress as far as possible.

Decisive characteristics of our drying plants • product turning device for a constant final moisture and easy ventilation of the product • low thermal and electrical energy consumption by means of a proven air circulation system and optimally synchronized components • drier sizes individually adaptable to the particular conditions and designed in three different belt widths for individual adaptation to the customer demand. See more on Stela.

  • specific thermal energy consumption from 0.80 kWh per kg/H2O
  • specific electrical energy consumption from 0.05 kWh per kg/H2O
  • different belt widths for each performance size





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